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Veteran Buyers...

Veteran Home Buyers


Most non-Veteran trained Realtors & Lenders only know about the standard VA $0 down payment offered by the VA. At Home for Veterans we are Veteran Owned and Operated and specialize in the latest Veteran Home/land benefits (VA Home Grants, VA Loan Options, Lower Interest Rates, Disability Entitlements, Land Options).

  • Assist you in getting your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) if you have not already done so.

  • Assist you with the best Veteran Specialized Lenders.

  • You may qualify for lower Veteran interest rates. Additional discount if you have a disability rating. 

  • Assistance in the free Texas home grants, up to 6% of the purchase price. 

  • Trained Realtors in working with Veteran Land Board (VLB) - Texas Veteran benefits for Home & Land benefits.

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